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My name is Muhannad Salem and my passion is PHOTOGRAPHY. I started my career in journalism as  photographer & Designer. I'm comfortable and actively enjoy shooting across a range of genres.

I found myself  more into commercial & products photography and in this I put all my passion,  my power mixed with creativity and brand new ideas to bring up most attractive, eye catching concepts in commercial photography.

Not letting go of my passion for shooting great images,

I regularly continue to shoot for my own. still life classics and cityscapes.

As a UAE based Still Life photographer,  I offers innovative photography services to a myriad of clients looking to make a splash with the perfect Product photography.

Specializing in still life photography, products photography, I captures the essence of Still Life photography for every client. 

What I Do?

As a professional photographer, I  ensure that your products are brought to life during our photo shoot, with compositions that look as good coming out of the darkroom as they do coming out of your oven.  As an established UAE photographer, I help you sell your products more.

What Sets My Work Apart?

Utilizing compositions that pop and radiant lighting, I delights in the creation of visual representation of products for e-commerce, catalogs, and online advertising.  If you want to see your product brought to life, let me do what I do best.  


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